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This web site has been produced for the sole purpose of giving parents a place to post their concerns about the safety of their children riding to school on a bus. Issues such as Seat Belts for child safety and Telephone numbers on the outside of the bus to report a driver that is breaking the law or putting your child in harm's way.

If it can be done on ambulances and small trucks, why not on schoolbuses?
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We Need Phone Numbers on School Buses!

Hello. My name is Ed Lubowicki. That's me on the left along with Ernie Scott. Program Administrator for the Lee County Florida Safety Department.

You know I've been trying for more than three years to get New Jersey administrators up off their butts and recognize the seriousness of my plight. But it took a little more than 24 hours for Mr. Scott to welcome me into his busy office. And he listened to this 75 years young grandfather talk about school bus safety with an opened mind. And you know what? He thinks the idea makes sense! So much that he is quoted as saying

"this is an ideal way to help out their safety program".

He goes on to say that

"because of budget restraints, there are not enough inspectors on the road checking on drivers".

Mr. Scott has over 100 busses in service and thinks that placing a placard on each bus like the yellow one below is a good idea.

Rinker Materials have over 900 of their trucks registered in Florida alone! Wayne Benner, Safety Manager gave us permission to post this picture. Thanks for your interest in our quest Wayne.

While visiting sunny Florida, I visited this company that delivers concrete. Why? Because they are concerned about the way their drivers move concrete.

Well, as you can see, I've been busy talking to anyone I can about School Bus Safety. I'm beginning to think that the people in Florida are much smarter than those in Jersey! How about proving me wrong!

"If I can save just one child's life, it will be worth it!"

Isn't it about time that our Senators get up off their butts and show concern about how bus drivers "move" our children? We need phone numbers on school buses. That's the bottom line! A simple phone number. That's all. Isn't that worth saving even one precious life of a child!

Ed Lubowicki

"There's no one I'd rather be than me."
Please contact me with your concerns or information regarding School Bus Safety.
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